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Train Access for Disabled People in the UK – Petition

In the UK, wheelchair users have to book a minimum of 24 hours in advance to get assistance to get on and off trains. Stations which are otherwise accessible, are being made functionally inaccessible by this policy and poor staff attitudes.

When booking 24 hours in advance, you must know exactly what train you are getting on. If you try booking it less than the demanded 24 hours in advance, you are told the request cannot be guaranteed.

I do not know about anyone else, but I do not always know where I want to go 24 hours in advance or exactly how long I’ll be out for when I’m visiting friends. I understand the need for booking with unmanned stations, but I am talking about stations which are manned and “unable” to free up staff to provide assistance. Also, staff attitude is often poor when providing assistance.

It is 2011 – we would not accept this level of service from the rest of the service industry, so why are we accepting it from train providers? If a restaurant turned us away and asked us to come back in a day’s time, but then admitted other customers to the restaurant, we would be outraged. This is the same level of service we are expected to accept from train operators – it is not acceptable!

Please sign our petition and add your voice in telling Britain’s train operators that this level of service is no longer acceptable.

Kind regards,
Nicky Baker
Harrow Association of Disabled people
Access Auditor

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