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Zign Hotel, Pattaya

Soi 12, Pattaya-Naklua Road

The Zign Hotel is a relatively new hotel on the quiet beachfront of Naklua. It looks very imposing and luxurious and is spread over a large area with various restaurants, swimming pools and accommodation in villas or their two tower blocks. It looks like a beautiful place to stay.

We were passing and popped in to ask about the rooms. The receptionist was pleased to tell us that they did cater for disabled people and offered to show us two different styles of room. The rooms were sumptuous but they were most definitely not adapted for disabled people. Although the rooms themselves were spacious enough to negotiate with a wheelchair relatively easily, no provision was made for eg Braille/large-key telephones for blind or partially sighted users, or textphones/induction-loop telephones for hearing-impaired users.

As for the bathrooms, no attempt had been made to design them for guests with reduced mobility:

  • The bathroom doorway had a step
  • The shower also had a step, and had a glass door and partitions rather than curtains
  • There were no grab bars for the toilet

It is possible to get to their beachfront restaurant, Scarlet, but there are several flights of steps to negotiate and no lift. They will, however, drive you down there in their electric buggy. That is, assuming you can get into the buggy in the first place. The road down is very steep for virtually its whole length and I would most definitely not recommend it to anyone in a wheelchair, even a power-assisted one (unless you like to live dangerously). Once there, via the buggy, the seating area is fine (although there’s one small step up to the lower part of the air-conditioned area), but you need to go up at least four steps (without a rail) to access the food. We didn’t see any disabled toilets.

Quite honestly, the food was pretty mediocre. All in all, I’d say if you are a PRM then give this place a miss.  Not recommended unless they make some changes.

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