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Having given little thought previously to the issues faced by disabled travellers, I found myself temporarily in a wheelchair as the result of a fairly minor accident.  Wow!  What an eye opener.  I’d never realised what an obstacle steps are and how many places are off-limits to those with wheels rather than legs which work.

Naturally enough, the first thing I did was to look on the internet for information. Where would I be able to go? I thought it would be a simple matter of finding wheelchair-accessible places which would be suitable. Not so! There was hardly any useful information available. It was bad enough being in the wheelchair, but the lack of information was quite disabling too.

I decided to take up the cause and create a resource for wheelchair users and people with other disabilities.  I hope you find it useful and will join in and contribute your own experiences and tell us about places which are accessible.

We want to know where we CAN go and what we CAN do, so please do write in and help us to build this resource.


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