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Active Mobility Centre – UK

Link to Active Mobility CentreActive Mobility Centre was created by Nigel Arnison, who is a wheelchair user himself because of a spinal injury caused by a car accident in 1989. Nigel quickly realised that his life had changed – the loss of independence and reliance on others was hard to bear. Undaunted, however, he tried to improve his situation and, as he says:

I soon discovered that there were items available to make life easier but it was not easy to obtain them. It was due to these frustrations that the Active Mobility Centre was born.

Nigel Arnison therefore created a company to sell these hard to source products. The Active Mobility Centre is a fantastic resource for people looking to buy mobility-related products. They sell just about everything from incontinence pants to wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVS). They also have wheelchairs, scooters, computer aids, footwear, kitchen and dining aids, and so much more!

If you are disabled or if someone in your life has a disability, then you should head over to the Active Mobility Centre straight away (click on the image above) to see how life could be made easier.

By the way, they have a standard delivery charge (currently £4.75) for UK mainland delivery. Other deliveries can be arranged by agreement. (The details are on the “Terms” section of the website.)