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Barbados Council for the Disabled

A CAN! reader wrote in requesting information about mobility equipment hire in Barbados. Unfortunately I didn’t have the answer. However, I did find the website of the Barbados Council for the Disabled, so perhaps they’ll be able to help.

There’s a lot going on at their website. You can download free fact sheets about various types of disability. They also offer various services including a library, accessible transportation, rehab therapy and a directory of services for residents of and visitors to Barbados. Apparently they’re also the only people on Barbados who offer Braille translations, so if you want your menus, notices, signs and other documents translated in Braille now you know who to ask.

Here’s a little trivia question for anyone else who might be planning a trip to Barbados. Who sang “Barbados”, which was No 1 for a week in the British charts in 1975?

Scroll down for the answer. No cheating now!


It was Typically Tropical. Remember them?
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