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Comparison: UK low-cost carriers

Here’s a table comparing five leading low-cost carriers in the UK on some of the points of importance to disabled passengers.

It’s compiled on the basis of the information available on their websites. As you’ll see, in some cases the information simply isn’t there, which we think is pretty poor.

  BMIbaby easyJet flybe Jet2 Ryanair
Economy class hold allowance 22 kg/person 20 kg/person Bags payable in advance – size range 15-40 kg 22 kg/person Bags payable on initial booking – 15 kg or 20 kg
Excess baggage charges £9/€11 per kg when booking online £10/kg charged at airport Extra bags can be bought – minimum 15 kg Allowance can be increased to 30 kg – max bag size 25 kg Second 15 kg bag may be bought for €35-45 depending on flight
Accepts powered wheelchairs over 60kg No data available No data available Only by special arrangement Must be pre-booked (tel +44 (0)203 031 8103). Must be dismantled – no single part to weigh more than 32 kg Yes, though size and battery restrictions apply
Assistance dogs No data available Free on approved routes On international routes from specific airports Subject to availability, free on UK domestic flights Free on approved routes
Special meals No data available In-flight food store available No data available No data available No data available

If you’ve got any experiences of travelling with these airlines, why not comment below and tell us?